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Lab – My Local Network (Answers Version)

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  • Record all of different network attached devices in your home or classroom.
  • Investigate how each device connects to the network to send and receive information.
  • Create a diagram showing the topology of your network.
  • Label each device with its function within the network.


The path that a message takes from its source to destination can be as simple as a single cable connecting one computer to another or as complex as a network that literally spans the globe. The network infrastructure contains three categories of hardware components:

  • End devices
  • Intermediary network devices
  • Network media

Take a close look at the network you have at home or school. Record the network and end-user devices that are connected on the local network.


Manufacturer Device Location Connection Media
Apple iPhone Mobile Wireless WiFi & cell phone
Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone Mobile Wireless WiFi & cell phone
Cisco Cable Modem Home office Wired Cable TV coaxial cable and Ethernet cable.
Linksys Wireless Router Home office Wired Ethernet cable.
HP Printer/Scanner Home office Wireless WiFi
Apple MacBook Air Mikayla’s Room Wireless WiFi
Beats by Dre Headphones My Room Wireless Bluetooth
Microsoft Xbox My Room Wired Ethernet Cable

Your Activities

Time Device Activity Reason Alternative

Continue the list on a separate page if necessary.


  1. Are there other electronic devices that are not connected to the local network to share information or resources? What would be the benefit of having these devices online?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Which type of connectivity is used most frequently in your local network, wired or wireless?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Draw a diagram of your local network. Label each device with a name and location.