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Lab – My On-line Day (Answers Version)

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  • Record all of your on-line interactions for a single day.
  • Categorize the reasons behind your on-line activities.
  • Describe how you might accomplish the same tasks without being on-line.


Everything that you access online is located somewhere on the global Internet. Social media sites, multi-player games, messaging centers that provide email, online courses – all of these Internet destinations are connected to local networks that send and receive information through the Internet.

Think about all of the interactions that you have during the day which require you to be online. Use this worksheet to make a list to share with your classmates. Add additional lines or pages as necessary.


Time Device Activity Reason Alternative
8:00 Phone Check email Address any important messages none
8:15 Phone Check overnight text messages Update myself on what’s happening Call everyone?
8:30 Desktop Login at school library to check assignments Get ready for class Printed calendar, course schedule, and syllabus
8:35 Phone Check Facebook and Instagram Update Print and share pictures. Copy videos to thumb drive and show people in person.
9:00 Phone Played “Angry Birds” Entertainment Boredom
Noon Phone Used Google maps to find closest pizza Hungry Call directory assistance

Your Activities:

Time Device Activity Reason Alternative

Continue the list on a separate page if necessary.


  1. How many of your daily on-line activities would not be possible without being connected to the Internet or a local network?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. How many different devices did you use to accomplish your on-line activities?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________