Which statement describes an EtherChannel implementation?

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Which statement describes an EtherChannel implementation?

  • EtherChannel operates only at Layer 2.
  • PAgP cannot be used in conjunction with EtherChannel.
  • A trunked port can be part of an EtherChannel bundle.
  • EtherChannel can support up to a maximum of ten separate links.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    Up to 16 links can be grouped in an EtherChannel by using the the PAgP or LACP protocol. EtherChannel can be configured as a Layer 2 bundle or a Layer 3 bundle. Configuring a Layer 3 bundle is beyond the scope of this course. If a trunked port is a part of the EtherChannel bundle, all ports in the bundle need to be trunk ports and the native VLAN must be the same on all of these ports. A best practice is to apply the configuration to the port channel interface. The configuration is then automatically applied to the individual ports.

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