What are two actions performed by a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

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What are two actions performed by a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

  • building a routing table that is based on the first IP address in the frame header
  • using the source MAC addresses of frames to build and maintain a MAC address table
  • forwarding frames with unknown destination IP addresses to the default gateway
  • utilizing the MAC address table to forward frames via the destination MAC address
  • examining the destination MAC address to add new entries to the MAC address table

    Important actions that a switch performs are as follows:

    • When a frame comes in, the switch examines the Layer 2 source address to build and maintain the Layer 2 MAC address table.
    • It examines the Layer 2 destination address to determine how to forward the frame. When the destination address is in the MAC address table, then the frame is sent out a particular port. When the address is unknown, the frame is sent to all ports that have devices connected to that network.

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