Securing a Computer

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Computers and workstations ought to be secured from theft. This is a widespread exercise in a organization as computer systems are commonly secured in locked rooms.

To stop unauthorized users from stealing or getting access to local computers and network resources, lock your workstation, laptop, or server when you are now not present. This includes physical safety as nicely as password security.

If you have to go away a pc in an open public area, cable locks be used to deter theft.

Data displayed on your laptop display also be protected. This is in particular actual when using a laptop computer in a public location such as an airport, coffee house, or customer site. Use a privacy screen to guard the information displayed on your laptop computer screen from prying eyes. A privateness screen is a clear plastic panel connected to the pc display screen that only approves the person in front of the display screen to see the statistics displayed.

Access to your pc ought to additionally be protected. There are three ranges of password protection that can be used on a pc as described in the figure.

The photograph describes Three Types of Password Protection. BIOS password prevents the running machine from booting and altering BIOS settings. Login password prevents unauthorized get entry to to the neighborhood computer. Network password prevents get entry to to network resources via unauthorized personnel.