Lab – Install the Power Supply Answers

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Lab – Install the Power Supply (Answers Version)


In this lab, you will install a power supply in a computer case.

Recommended Equipment

  • Power supply with a compatible form factor to the computer case
  • Computer case
  • Tool kit
  • Power supply screws

Step 1: Open the Computer Case.

  1. Remove the screws from the side panels.
  2. Remove the side panels from the computer case.

Step 2: Install the Power Supply.

  1. Align the screw holes in the power supply with the screw holes in the case.
  2. Secure the power supply to the case with the power supply screws.
  3. If the power supply has a voltage selection switch, set this switch to match the voltage in your area.
    What is the voltage in your area?
    Answers may vary. Either 110/115v or 220/230v.
    How many screws secure the power supply in the case?
    Answers may vary. Usually 4.
    What is the total wattage of the power supply?
    Answers may vary.
  4. This lab is complete. Please ask the Answers to verify your work.