Class Activity – Draw Your Concept of the Internet Answers

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Class Activity – Draw Your Concept of the Internet (Answers Version – Optional Class Activity)

Answers Note: Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the Answers copy only. Optional activities are designed to enhance understanding and/or to provide additional practice.


Demonstrate that networks are made of many different components.

Background / Scenario

Draw and label a map of the Internet as you interpret it now. Include your home or school/university location and its respective cabling, equipment, devices, etc. Some items you may want to include:

  • Devices or equipment
  • Media (cabling)
  • Link addresses or names
  • Sources and destinations
  • Internet service providers

Upon completion, save your work in a hard-copy format, it will be used for future reference at the end of this chapter. If it is an electronic document, save it to a server location provided by your Answers. Be prepared to share and explain your work in class.

For an example to get you started, please visit: http://www.kk.org/internet-mapping.

Note: This webpage requires Adobe Flash.

Answers Note: This optional Modeling Activity is not intended to be a graded assignment. Its purpose is to help students to reflect on their perceptions of how a network is set up for personal use. Discussion should be facilitated by the Answers as a result of this activity. Facilitation of the discussion should include student-to-student discussions of each other’s work.

Required Resources

  • Internet access
  • Paper and pencils or pens (if students are creating a hard copy)


  1. After reviewing your classmates’ drawings, were there computer devices that you could have included on your diagram? If so, which ones and why?
    Answers will vary.
  2. After reviewing your classmates’ drawings, how were some of the model designs the same or different? What modifications would you make to your drawing after reviewing the other drawings?
    Answers will vary.
  3. In what way could icons on a network drawing provide a streamlined thought process and facilitate your learning? Explain your answer.
    Students should note that having a set of representative icons will assist them in learning how to draw/design network representation. It consolidates information, and is easily understood by others who understand what the icons represent. It is a form of shorthand for people in the same industry.

Initial Network Diagrams and Network Components – will vary. A very basic network design representation from the website is depicted below (this diagram is for Answers reference.)