Introduction to Linux II Chapter 6

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Introduction to Linux II Chapter 6 Exam Answer

CCNA7.COM had tried to collect all chapter exam from candidate who has already taken exam.  There are 10 questions in Introduction to Linux II Chapter 6. Our team has modified and corrected all answers with 100% score before we published on this page. In Introduction to Linux II Chapter 6 exam, you should review all questions again and again before go to take online exam with NDG system.

  1. Question ID 1143

    Accessibility within a GUI environment can be improved by which of the following?

    • Screen magnifier
    • Automatic clicking
    • Text-to-speech screen reader
    • All choices are valid
  2. Question ID 1144

    In GNOME desktop, which of the following CANNOT be set using Keyboard Accessibility Settings?

    • Bounce keys
    • Repeat keys
    • Magnifier keys
    • Sticky keys

  4. Question ID 1146

    A user wants to perform key combinations such as Ctrl+C without needing to hold both keys at once. He should enable:

    • Slow Keys
    • Mouse Keys
    • Sticky Keys
    • Repeat Keys
  5. Question ID 1147

    Which of the following shortcuts will enable/disable Sticky Keys?

    • Pressing the Shift key five times
    • Pressing the F3 function key five times
    • Pressing the Alt key three times
    • Pressing the Enter key three times
  6. Question ID 1148

    Which of the following keys is the opposite of Repeat Keys and should not be enabled at the same time as Repeat Keys?

    • Slow keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Bounce keys
    • Sticky keys

  8. Question ID 1150

    The system administrator is setting up the audio feedback mechanism when keyboard modifier keys are pressed. This is an example of:

    • Bounce keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Mouse keys
    • Repeat keys
  9. Question ID 1152

    The system administrator wants to use the keyboard for moving the mouse pointer around the screen. This is done by implementing:

    • Mouse keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Repeat keys
    • Bounce keys
  10. Question ID 1154

    Orca is currently set to use the Laptop keyboard layout. Which of the following keys will be designated as the Orca key?

    • Insert
    • Shift
    • Print screen
    • Caps Lock

  12. Question ID 1155

    Which of the following applications can be used to “read” aloud the text from a file?

    • All choices are valid
    • Espeak
    • Orca
    • Emacspeak
  13. Question ID 1156

    Instead of using a normal keyboard, a user would like to use the mouse for typing text. He should implement:

    • Mouse keys
    • On-screen keyboard
    • Screen magnifier
    • Sticky keys